We're Oxnorth, a leading supplier of gazebos, marquees and instant shelters, plus many related products and accessories, including outdoor furniture and heating.

Read on to see the answers to some of our frequently-asked questions. If you can't see your question below, please email us at info@oxnorth.com and we'll be back in touch with a response. 

Where do you ship to?

We sell our marquees, gazebos and instant shelters to all of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This includes the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, as well as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you are outside of our delivery radius, please contact us for more information.

Where are you based?

We are based in Portstewart, Co Derry / Co Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 

Can I customise my gazebo?

You can customise the canopy with colours, images and prints through our bespoke canopy printing service. We have a number of different gazebo and canopy sizes available and may be able to accommodate requests beyond our standard size options, although this may not always be possible. 

What different types of gazebo do you have?

We have multiple different gazebos available for you to buy, but they can generally be categorised as either box-frame gazebos or hex-frame gazebos

Do you have any outdoor tables for sale?

We have a wide selection of tables for you to choose from, including wooden trestle tables and plastic tables. We also have aluminium and wooden marquee tables that fit neatly into our gazebos and marquees. 

What kind of event seating do you have for sale?

We have a range of event seating options available, including standard folding chairs, plus full aluminium bistro furniture sets.  

Do you sell patio heaters?

We sell patio heaters, including the Mushroom patio heater and the Flame Tower patio heater

Do you sell replacement parts for gazebos or patio heaters?

If you need any replacements, please contact us and we'll be happy to help! We also sell some patio heater replacement parts through our website, such as flame tower glass tube replacements and heater reflector replacements

Do you sell gazebo heaters? 

Yes, we have heaters that were specifically made with our gazebos and marquees in mind, such as our 3-way gazebo heater

What is your returns policy?

Please see our returns and refunds policy

What is your shipping policy?

Please see our delivery information

How do I assemble gazebos?

Each pop-up gazebo comes with individual assembly instructions. We use quick-release ring pulls for a quick set-up. 

Do you provide storage bags?

All gazebos come with storage bags. Some have wheeled storage bags for ease-of-transport. 

Are your gazebos, marquees and canopies waterproof? Do they provide UV protection?

Yes, all our canopies have PVC coating and and PU coating to protect from the elements. We have also reinforced stress points and created seamless designs for further weather protection.

Do your gazebos, outdoor furniture and accessories conform to health and safety legislation?

All of our products and accessories conform to all health and safety legislation in the UK, Ireland and the European Union. We adhere to regulations including  BS 7837: 1996, DIN 4102-B1 and DIN 4102-B2.

Are your gazebos flame-retardant?

Yes, all gazebos, canopies and sidewalls are flame-retardant. 

Do you sell spare parts for your pop-up gazebos and instant shelters?

Yes, we are happy to sell spare parts. Please contact us with your specific requirements. 

You stock so many gazebos! How do I know which is best for me?

Our gazebos are versatile and almost of all of them can be used in any context imaginable. However, we completely understand that if you're a gazebo novice it can be a bit overwhelming. If you're having trouble choosing, we suggest you get in touch with us directly to discuss your particular requirements. A friendly member of our team will be happy to work with you to select the gazebo that's perfect for whatever you've got planned.

How do I clean my gazebo?

After buying your shiny new structure it's understandable that you're going to want to keep it looking in tip top condition. However, with them usually being placed outdoors accidents do inevitably happen.

The best recommendation we advise is to apply warm soapy water with a sponge to any marks as soon as you notice them. Always wash your gazebo by hand because other methods may lead to tears in the fabric. Do not under any circumstances attempt to machine wash your gazebo fabric as this can seriously damage the material.

Do I need to anchor my gazebo to the ground?

Anchoring gazebos is vital and failing to do so poses a danger to you, your staff and the general public. You may be liable for any damages caused by negligently-anchored gazebos. 

A structure such as a gazebo can be very susceptible to sudden strong gusts of wind. Nothing will sour the mood at an event or party more than your gazebo collapsing or, even worse, flying into other nearby property. Fortunately, our gazebos come provided with a tie down kit or gazebo weights, which will enable you to securely affix your marquee to the ground.

When you're fixing your gazebo to the ground be sure to attach the ties to the frame and not the canopy. If there is a strong wind and you've attached the ties to the canopy this can lead to them becoming torn. So be careful to never make this mistake!

What should I do if my gazebo is erected and a storm is coming?

While we're very proud of the ability of our gazebos to keep you dry and warm in rainy conditions, it's important to remember that they do have their limits. If particularly harsh weather is forecast, it's very important to seek more solid shelter. If a storm is coming and you don't have time to completely collapse the structure, you can help to offset any potential damage by removing the sidewalls. This will allow winds to pass through and lessen the chance of the gazebo becoming dislodged from its moorings and flying off.

It's very rare that any events like these will happen with your gazebo, but it's always a good idea to be knowledgeable and prepared for anything.

What's the life expectancy of my gazebo?

Provided you abide by our advice, you should find that your gazebo gives you plenty of pleasure for up to ten years. Just ensure you always take care when transporting, assembling and disassembling your gazebo and it should be a loyal servant and source of shelter for many years.