What Materials are Pop up Gazebos Made From?


Pop-up gazebos are made from strong and resilient materials that are intended to make the structure lightweight, water resilient, easy to clean, durable and attractive. But what are these materials? Find out more below!

Gazebo Frames

Pop-up gazebo frames are typically made of anodised aluminium. Aluminium is chosen because of its lightweight properties and sturdy hard-wearing nature; by anodising it, it increases the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface, which makes it sturdier, and therefore significantly less likely to suffer structural damage over long-term use.

Pop-up gazebos also have neoprene joint protectors, which should protect the canopy materials, especially at the most high stress points. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber / latex material that is heat-resistant and that has a texture that absorbs hard edges effortlessly. 

Joints and U-brackets are made from cast alloy and steel, to ensure high-level strength at these critical areas.

Marquee Shelter Canopies

To make waterproof pop-up gazebos, the exterior has a polyester polyurethane coating, and a PVC interior. The exterior is also coated with a fluorocarbon water repellent.

By combining materials in this way, pop-up gazebos are exceptionally water resistant, even in strong rain.

Canopy printing is performed using techniques including thermo press printing, screen printing or dye-sublimation. 

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