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Heavy Duty Instant Shelter Gazebo Anchorage Anchor Kit

Heavy Duty Gazebo and Marquee Anchor KitHeavy Duty Gazebo and Marquee Anchor Kit

These anchor kits are designed to keep your gazebo extra-safe in more extreme conditions. Our gazebo and marquee anchor kits are built to last, and should provide you with lasting endurance. We're helping people and businesses create long-lasting outdoor shelters with attractive marquees and a wide range of essential extras. If you don't want to have to disassemble your gazebo in gusty weather, you don't just need anchorage - you need heavy duty anchorage!

Please note that even heavy duty marquee anchorage has a limit, and that marquees should be taken down and brought indoors during particularly poor weather conditions. This will help to avoid damage to the marquee or any surrounding fixtures and fittings, and will also protect the health and safety of the general public. 

This marquee anchorage kit includes:

  • No.4 360mm x 12mm steel marquee pegs, and
  • No.4 cam-adjusted 30mm straps, steel-hooked at both ends to ease attaching.

Please note these kits are included in our commercial gazebos and heavy duty ranges as a free add-on, but should be added as an extra for some canopies and shelters, such as our our medium-duty pop-up marquee.

Gazebo Accessories & Extras

We have all of the equipment you need for gazebos, instant shelters and marquees at Oxnorth, and we're supplying them all over the island of Ireland as well as the UK. We can also supply you with a wide range of additional gazebo accessories that you can use to get the most out of your new pop-up marquee, and we can even arrange custom canopy printing and branding! Whether you're in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, you can rely on Oxnorth for some of the most exceptional gazebo and marquee products around. 

All of our gazebo accessories and other products are strong, waterproof, weatherproof and made to last. We pride ourselves on supplying the best gazebos and associated products, with equipment that stands the test of time and looks gorgeous doing so!

 Just make an order through our website to access everything you need, and contact us with any questions or special requests. The Oxnorth team are waiting to help you out! 

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