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  • Ox60 3m x 3m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x3m Hex-frame Gazebo Instant Shelter closed

    Buy this hex-frame gazebo from Oxnorth! Featuring a heavy-duty frame using anodised aluminium to create a sturdy and long-lasting design. Quick to set up and easy to disassemble...

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  • Ox60 3m x 4.5m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x4.5m Hex-frame Instant Shelter Gazebo

    This is a beautiful hex-frame gazebo, and with the Oxnorth team, you know you're getting quality when you choose us for pop-up gazebos and marquees or bespoke canopies. Best of ...

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  • Ox60 3m x 6m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x6m Hex-frame Pop-up Gazebo

    This is one of our larger gazebos and marquees. It uses a hexagonal frame, 550g polyester PU coating and an interior PVC coating to offer exceptional weatherproofing, and a high-quality anodised...

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  • Ox60 3m x 3m Hex-Frame PVC Gazebo With Cover Bag
    PVC OX60 3x3 gazebo shelter rear

    The hex-frame PVC gazebo is available at Oxnorth, and you’ll soon see it’s an essential. The weighted frame means it’s sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and the material - anodised alumi...

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  • Ox60 4m x 6m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    Open 6x4m instant hex gazebo shelter

    This hex-frame gazebo is great for temporary or permanent shelter. Made using the most reliable and sturdy materials, this pop-up gazebo is convenient to construct, and it can provide long-lasti...

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  • Ox60 4m x 8m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    Buy 4m x 8m Hex-frame Gazebo

    This gazebo is sturdy, reliable and made with your convenience in mind. Including quick release pull pins and steel U brackets, this shelter combines a quick and easy set up with long-lasting sh...

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These heavy-duty gazebos are available to buy all over the UK and Ireland from the Oxnorth team. They're made of strong and sturdy materials, such as a 58mm marquee frame constructed using 2mm gauge high quality anodized aluminium, and gazebo joints made with cast alloy and steel u-brackets.

Exceptional weatherproofing is provided by a 550g polyester PU exterior canopy coating and a PVC interior, protecting you from the rain and UV lights. The 'hex' hexagonal shape of our hex-frame gazebos also helps to keep rainwater flowing and the shelter dry. 

They're of a commercial grade, and with our canopy printing and branding, you can add your logo or any other images or information to it, and receive it in whatever colour combination you like.

Indoor Shelters, Canopies and Gazebos Ireland and UK

Our instant shelters are for sale in Ireland and the UK. Our products come in a range of shapes and sizes, with gazebos for sale at 3x3m, 3x4.5m and 3x6m, so you can tailor-make  the right canopy shelter for your specific requirements with us.

We also offer all of the gazebo accessories and extras you could need, too! From strong anchorage to gutters, and from sidewalls to furniture, Oxnorth has it all - perfect for anyone in the UK and Ireland who wants to create their own instant shelter. 

Make an order through our website, or give us a call on 02870512512 to speak with us directly. You can also email us at info@oxnorth.com