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  • Weights
    12kg gazebo and instant shelter weight used for securing canopy

    Our instant shelter and gazebo anchor weights are sold in pairs (12.5kgs each). They are designed to perfectly fit around the legs of all of our gazebos, marquees and instant shelters They are a...

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  • Ground Bar Kit (Pair)
    marquee gazebo ground bar kit for sale

    Our ground bar kits are designed to provide greater stability to your gazebo. These are intended to keep the ground and sidewalls stable, neat and well-defined, and will i...

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  • Sandbags
    Sand bags in use for gazebo

    An easy-to-store solution for keeping gazebos and marquees secure, our sandbag weights come in sets of 4 or 6, and are easily strapped to the legs of any instant shelter, gazebo...

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  • Heavy Duty Gazebo and Marquee Anchor Kit
    Heavy Duty Instant Shelter Gazebo Anchorage Anchor Kit

    These anchor kits are designed to keep your gazebo extra-safe in more extreme conditions. Our gazebo and marquee anchor kits are built to last, and should provide you with lasti...

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  • LED Lights
    LED Lights for gazebos and instant shelters

    These LED lights fit the centre pole of each of our gazebos and marquees, as well as the instant shelters and marquees offered by most other brands. The device boasts 3 high-quality, long...

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  • PVC Gazebo Gutters
    PVC gutters for instant shelters and gazebos

    Our specially-designed gutters join multiple gazebos together to create modular structures, by joining multiple structures together to make a shelter of your desired size, although as they're gu...

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  • Half Wall Kits
    Gazebo Half Wall Kit for Instant Shelters and Pop-up Canopies

    Our gazebo and marquee half wall kits enable your shelter to become a kiosk or an exhibit that you want people to see but not to touch, or if you want to demonstrate a product but need to keep p...

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  • Aluminium & Wooden Gazebo Tables
    Wooden shelter table inside a gazebo pop up marquee with a half wall

    We carry a range of compact tables for our instant shelters, marquees and gazebos, which are specially designed for ease of transport and set up. They are commonly seen at exhibitions and trade ...

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  • Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater
    Interior marquee heater

    The 2-way Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater provides heating for your gazebo - just plug in to get started. With two high-quality 800W infrared adjustable heaters (1600w total), our 240v mai...

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  • Neoprene Joint Protectors
    Neoprene Protectors in gazebo and marquee corner

    Our neoprene joint protectors attach to our frames at all corner joints, connection points and the middle apex joint. They provide that little bit of extra protection to the canopy at the high s...

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Gazebos, Canopies, Marquees and Shelter Accessories for Sale

Select the perfect gazebos, marquees and shelter accessories below and then make an order today! You can buy our gazebo, shelter and marquee accessories anywhere in the UK and Ireland. 

These marquee and gazebo accessories and extras could be just what is required to make your outdoor shelter exactly as you need it to be. We have everything from lighting and half-wall kits to anchor points and other items that will help you secure the shelter properly. At Oxnorth, we aim to be your one-stop shop for gazebos, marquees shelters and canopies, offering everything you could want, from tables and chairs to patio heaters. All you need to do is make an order and we'll handle the rest. 

The best pop-up gazebo and instant shelter accessories and anchorage solutions

Everything you can buy from us is of the highest standards. All of our accessories, such as sandbags, anchor kits and weights, have been manufactured to adhere to stringent UK, EU and Ireland safety measures, and are built with resilience and endurance in mind. Every item on our website is intended for outdoor use, and is weatherproofed appropriately. 

Although we don't compromise on quality, we do all we can to keep our prices low. You can get great deals on gazebos, marquees, instant shelters and accessories with us - we want people across the UK and Ireland to choose us for affordable products that hit exceptional standards. If anything goes wrong, then you're protected by our simple returns and refund policy.

Take a look through the selection of accessories for gazebos we have below, and simply select the perfect items to start your order. We know you might have questions, so if you'd like to speak with us, please call 02870512512 or send an email to

You'll also find an exceptional range of gazebos with us, including both box frames and hex frame gazebos.  We have a huge range of pop-up marquees and instant shelters available, and we can even offer custom canopy printing. When you're with Oxnorth, you're in safe hands! 

Buy accessories for canopies and gazebo shelters below; you know you're receiving the best with Oxnorth.