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  • Weights
    12kg gazebo and instant shelter weight used for securing canopy

    Our instant shelter and gazebo anchor weights are sold in pairs (12.5kgs each). They are designed to perfectly fit around the legs of all of our gazebos, marquees and instant shelters They are a...

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  • Sandbags
    Sand bags in use for gazebo

    An easy-to-store solution for keeping gazebos and marquees secure, our sandbag weights come in sets of 4 or 6, and are easily strapped to the legs of any instant shelter, gazebo...

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  • Heavy Duty Gazebo and Marquee Anchor Kit
    Heavy Duty Instant Shelter Gazebo Anchorage Anchor Kit

    These anchor kits are designed to keep your gazebo extra-safe in more extreme conditions. Our gazebo and marquee anchor kits are built to last, and should provide you with lasti...

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When you buy a gazebo from Oxnorth, we typically include weights and anchorage for you as part of our standard package of additional gazebo accessories. You can also buy gazebo anchorage from us to help you keep your marquee secure in windy weather conditions.

With our weights, sandbags and heavy duty anchor kits, you'll be able to secure your marquee on a range of structures and surfaces. The gazebos and marquees we sell at Oxnorth look beautiful and should look just as good for a lifetime, with custom printing allowing you to make your canopy your own, but a strong gust of wind could affect its visual appeal and even pose a safety risk.

Gazebo Weight and Anchor Systems

Therefore, we always recommend using our gazebo weights and anchor systems to tie down your gazebo, whether on solid ground such as tarmac, on grass, or even indoors. Simply look through the options on our website to find the gazebo anchorage solution that's right for you, and use our shopping system to complete your order.

If you're not sure what to get, please feel free to get in touch with our team for bespoke advice and assistance. We are gazebo experts, and we'll be able to quickly advise you about the weights and anchorage that you'll want for your chosen gazebo or marquee. Just call us on 02870 512512 to speak with our team.

We're selling our gazebo weights, anchors and other anchorage accessories throughout the UK and Ireland. Oxnorth is based in Portstewart, on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, so we're perfectly-placed to quickly ship our items to locations in England, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. 

Thanks to our high quality products and our commitment to the best customer service, we at Oxnorth have become well-known as experts in gazebos, marquees and instant canopy shelters. When you make an order with us, you know you'll receive some quality products, promptly.

So why wait? Buy gazebo and pop-up marquee anchorage today!