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  • Flame Tower Patio Heater
    Flame Tower Patio Heater

    Now free delivery to UK & Ireland

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  • Flame Tower Patio Heater Glass Tube Replacement
    Flame Tower Heater Glass Tube Replacement

    This replacement glass tube fits most 4-sided flame tower heaters,  such as our flame tower patio heaters. This is a one-piece glass tube 1.25m (1254mm) long and 10cm (100mm) wide. The re...

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  • Mushroom Flame Patio Heater
    Mushroom Flame Patio Heater upright unlit

    Now free delivery to UK & Ireland Our 13kw black Mushroom Patio Heater is ideal for those summer evenings and is p...

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  • Flame Tower Patio Heater - Reflector Replacement
    Reflector Replacement for Flame Tower Patio Heaters

    This replacement reflector fits most 4-sided flame tower heaters, but it is specially-made to suit the outdoor heating options we have at Oxnorth. The aluminium shield ref...

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Patio Heaters

We all love sitting out in the gardens and outdoor spaces we’ve worked so hard on, and we also want guests at events we’re hosting to have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors too. Having outdoor space at an event or in a hospitality venue not only increases space but it’s great for the atmosphere.

However, even in the summer months once the sun goes down people can tend to feel the cold, but there’s no need to turn indoors. Patio heaters are the perfect way to keep yourself and your guests warm outside right through the year! Even in the winter they work a treat and there’s nothing quite like sitting by one with a mulled wine - this means you can comfortably use your garden or outdoor hospitality location all-year round.

Having a patio heater is a great option for outdoor heat as opposed to fire pits, as while we love a good fire pit it lacks the simple convenience of a patio heater. Our patio heaters for sale also don’t emit the smoke that fire pits do so guests don’t have to worry about their clothes smelling on bonfires.

Here at Oxnorth we have a brilliant range of patio heaters is different styles and sizes, whether it’s for personal garden space or you’re looking to heat a larger space for events or to keep your customers happy.  We choose dramatic and exciting models that look as good as they feel, and we sell them all over the UK and Ireland. From flame towers to mushroom patio heaters, we have a range that includes styles and designs for all spaces.

If you'd like to heat a space such as a marquee gazebo, check out our gazebo heaters

Give Oxnorth a call today and we’ll work with you to find the perfect item or items for you! You can also make a purchase through our website.