How Waterproof Are Your Gazebo Canopies?

One of the most common questions we're asked at Oxnorth is, how waterproof are our canopies? We've tried to explain what some of the words you might see on our website mean below.

An Oxnorth gazebo is incredibly waterproof! We're targeting the UK and Ireland, so we know how important it is for our instant marquees to be able to cope with continual rainy weather. 

You'll see that our gazebos have a polyester PU exterior. This means that the polyester canopy has a polyurethane (PU) coating on either side. This improves flame retardant properties. This polyester-PU canopy is coated again with a fluorocarbon water repellent. As a result, the water simply slides away!

What about other weatherproofing?

A gazebo canopy blocks UV rays, and with sidewalls included, users will also be protected from other UV rays, such as those that are reflected from the ground. It is technically possible for people to become sunburnt or suffer skin damage when using a gazebo, so care should be taken by people with sensitive skin conditions or during high UV days.

Gazebos have some wind resistance, but as they are temporary structures designed for assembling and disassembling, there are some limitations. Please familiarise yourself with the wind limitations of our gazebos and do not exceed them.

Make sure you use anchor kits and weights to keep the gazebo secured, every time!