Why to Buy Rather Than Hire Pop-up Gazebos

Why should you buy a pop-up gazebo rather than merely hire one?

There are a lot of companies across the UK and Ireland that are offering pop-up gazebos for hire. Many of these even have Oxnorth's gazebos on offer - the event hire industry includes some of our biggest clients. But if you're looking for a gazebo for your own business, buying one is frequently the cheapest and most professional choice. Oxnorth looks at some of the main reasons why.

Buying Gazebos can be cheaper

If you're just going to use your gazebo for one short occasion, it's probably correct that you'll save money by hiring one. However, if you're planning to use the gazebo many times, for multiple days at a time, then buying it will likely work out significantly cheaper - especially if you're expecting to use it again and again every year.

Customise and Personalise Your Gazebo

If you hire a gazebo, you'll receive a plain, standard model in neutral colours. However, if you buy your own gazebo, then you can customise the marquee canopy to include your branding and logo though bespoke canopy printing services. This will help to make your gazebo more attractive and should also help to cement your business in the minds of prospective clients.

No Time Pressures

If you hire a gazebo, then you are beholden to the time constraints of the hiring company. You might find yourself rushing to pack your gazebo away, or even missing out on potential income because you need to get the shelter back to its owners. If you own your own gazebo, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to use it as you want. If another trading or retail opportunity emerges, you can strike while the iron is hot!


While event hire companies always aim to be reliable and punctual, you're always relying on a third party whenever you use one. Perhaps the staff at the gazebo rental company will be sick, or perhaps the previous company to hire the marquee damaged it or took it out of commission. This could seriously impact or even ruin your own business' plans.  

However, if you own your own pop-up gazebo, the only person you need to rely on is yourself!


If you only hire a gazebo for a specific occasion such as a trade show or a fete, you'll miss out on so much potential! If you have your own pop-up gazebo, you might find that it has far more uses than you were aware of. You might use it for storage, to extend your office, for a comfortable outdoor working space or even for personal household use

Select the Perfect Gazebo for You

Do you want a hex-frame gazebo, or would you like a box-framed instant shelter? Do you want a small 3x3m gazebo, or would you like one of the larger 4x8m marquees? When you buy a gazebo, you make the choice for yourself - but when you hire one, you're beholden to what the hiring company offers.

Order a gazebo online today

With Oxnorth, you can order a gazebo in your specific colour scheme and preferred design choices effortlessly, and we'll get it sent to you as soon as possible. We're shipping gazebos and marquees all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, including both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and we're working with businesses, public sector bodies, individuals and everyone else.

Order a pop-up gazebo online now! Thanks to our long-lasting products and our sturdy materials, our gazebos are set to last for a lifetime.