Pop-up Gazebos for Fetes and Festivals

Pop-up Gazebos for Fetes and Festivals

There are a lot of uses for pop-up gazebos at fetes and festivals. Whether you're planning on using instant shelters for commerce and retail, or if you'd like a pop-up hospitality tent, you'll find that gazebos are a great structure that attract festival-goers at music events, literary festivals, fetes, fairgrounds and everything else. 

Whether you're new to bringing your business to a festival or you're a seasoned traveller at fetes and fairs around the country, you'll want to showcase your business in the best light possible. Invest in the right festival shelters and marquees, and ensure you have all the accessories you need, so you have a comfortable place for yourself and your clients.

Think about your clients

It's always important to think about the event attendees and their needs. You want to meet your clients half-way to succeed at the fete or festival. Consider the demographics of the event - do the guests skew younger, middle-aged or older? Will they have an alternative style, hippie sensibilities, bohemian fashion, or a more professional appearance?

If your pop-up gazebo reflects the values of your clients, as well as those of your business, you should be well-placed to attract plenty of attention. 

Promote Yourself

Nowadays, the range of spaces for businesses to promote themselves is endless. Look at the festival on social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook, and involve yourself in conversations about the event, use hashtags, and do what you can to get yourself in front of the eyes of attendees.

Don't forget the old ways, either! Fetes and festivals often have banners, leaflets, newspaper adverts and more traditional advertising methods running. See if you can join in on these, or run your own parallel campaigns. 

Consider Other Festivals

If your schedule and budget allows for it, you might be able to attend more festivals than you think! It's not just local events with high footfall that might bring the cash in - look through the fete and festival diary to find events that are particularly attractive to your targeted clients.

Don't be put off by festivals that don't speak directly to you - for instance, business other than caterers can find plenty of new custom at food festivals. 

Customise your Canopy

You can make your gazebo even more attractive to your clients with custom canopies. You can brand a gazebo or canopy with your business' logo and colour scheme, or any images you think might be appealing to festival-goers. 

Increase the customisation by ordering a selection of custom-branded pens, bottle-openers or other accessories. You'll ensure people remember your company long after the event is over this way!

Keep people comfortable

If you expect people to interact with your stand for more than a couple of seconds, or if you're expecting a queue, you'll want to make sure people are warm and comfortable. 

So consider investing in some gazebo heaters for inside your shelter, or patio heaters for outside your stall, and make sure people are cosy while they wait to interact with your business. You might also want to offer tables and chairs, especially if you want to talk to prospective clients or if you are providing foods and drinks.

Keep Yourself Happy

Perhaps the most important thing when promoting your business with pop-up shelters and gazebos at festivals and fetes is to make sure you are happy yourself! You'll sell more products, build better relationships and have more success overall if you are enjoying yourself, at least as much as you can. So make sure your pop-up gazebo meets your requirements, too!

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