Pop-up Gazebos for Commercial Retail Use

Pop-up Gazebos for Commercial Retail Use

Oxnorth is the best choice for your next outdoor event, we are the industry leaders in pop-up shelters, gazebos and marquees!

We know how important it is to have the best equipment for your next gathering, whatever the setting. Be it an outdoor farmers' market, a corporate fun day, or a good old fashioned bake sale, Oxnorth have you covered, quite literally!

We are incredibly proud of our huge range of diverse outdoor furniture. Having been operating in this industry for as long as we have, we know exactly which equipment would be best suited for the environment. We also are fortunate enough to have years of experience to draw from. That means you can rest assured that Oxnorth will provide the best of gazebos, patios, marquees and whatever you need to make your event pop.

Oxnorth's range includes everything from quick, simple and easy to assemble gazebos to huge commercial grade gazebos. Again, we'd love to work together to make sure we provide the best shelter for your event. Given how unpredictable weather can be in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we understand how important it is to make sure every guest is covered, come rain or shine.

We also have a number of products ideal for the chilly winter nights, or the small hours of a long summer evening. We provide a great range of heaters, sure to make sure your guests are toasty and well looked after. We also provide a range of chairs and assorted furniture so everyone had a comfortable place to sit. Once again, we are industry leaders in outdoor furniture so we can advise you on exactly which heaters and seating would be more appropriate for your event. All our equipment meets the highest of safety standards and we are always on-hand to provide professional assistance when required. 

Order a custom printed canopy and showcase your brand on the lining of your gazebo!