Pop-up Gazebos for Commercial Hospitality Use

Pop-up Gazebos for Commercial Hospitality Use

Pop-up gazebos are one of those pieces of equipment that are all too often under-appreciated, however once you own one, you’ll wonder how you did without it.

Outdoor events are a brilliant way to bring people together, they can be enjoyed the year round with the right equipment and set up. Even in the winter people love getting wrapped up to enjoy mulled wine by a fire pit. British people are rarely deterred by the weather but unfortunately things like electrical equipment and catering surfaces don’t fare as well. So the solution is simple; a good sturdy gazebo shelter can provide excellent protection from the elements. Simple and easy to set up and weighted so it doesn’t get lifted by a gust of wind, the gazebos that Oxnorth can offer you are high quality and durable. We have a range of styles, colours and sizes too!

Now at Oxnorth we firmly believe it makes more financial sense to buy a gazebo rather than hire as once you have it it’s easy to look after, store and will last you a long time. Your gazebo will see you through many many events and once you own one you may feel free to host even more.

Provide quick shelter for guests, a safe space to store belongings, a shelter for food stalls or craft shops. Get your business ready for the elements so you don’t have to pack up at the first sight of rain. And they don’t have to just be for business of course, set them up in your garden for shelter and shade, work comfortably outside on summer days with no glare on your laptop screen.

So take a look at our range and get in touch with Oxnorth - you could even arrange custom canopy printing