How to Store a Pop-up Gazebo

How to Store a Pop up Gazebo

With careful storage, a pop-up gazebo should last a lifetime!  Our gazebos and instant shelters all come with cover bags that they can be packed away into when not in use. 

Be sure to clean your gazebo before storage, and ensure it is completely dry.

Damp conditions can encourage the growth of mould, which can smell, and which may require the use of harsh chemicals to remove. This runs the risk of bleaching the gazebo or damaging its waterproofing and weatherproofing materials. Some chemicals could even react with the canopy, leading to holes. Over time, damp conditions can also affect the lustre and tone of the colours and designs. 

Therefore, you may wish to erect your gazebo indoors, or outdoors on a sunny day, while you wait for it to thoroughly dry. You can also use towels, or devices such as hairdryers on a low heat setting.

Can I store the canopy while attached to the frame?

Although you are free to keep the canopy attached to the frame during storage, this is against our recommendations, and significantly increases the risk of tearing or damage. The aluminium and steel frame components will rub against the canopy, especially when the unit is being transported. 

Therefore, Oxnorth will not provide repairs or replacements for pop-up gazebos or any other products that are damaged in this way.

You may feel like you save time by keeping the canopy attached to the frame, but after a few attempts, you should be a natural at removing it. Once you have the knack, removing the canopy from the frame only takes a few minutes. 

If you have any questions about storing your gazebo, please read any supplied documentation with your purchase, or contact Oxnorth for more information. Just email