How to Clean a Gazebo

How do you keep one of our gazebos and marquees looking brand-new for years into the future? Cleaning is an essential part of gazebo maintenance, and with a small amount of work, your gazebo should look beautiful for decades into the future.

Oxnorth's gazebos are easy to maintain, and can be wiped clean with water and washing up liquid or other mild cleaners. We recommend cleaning messes as soon as they arise. 

The most important thing to consider when it comes to keeping gazebos clean is ensuring that the canopy is dry when you pack it away for storage. If it is not dry, it can be a hospitable environment for mould. Dry thoroughly or leave to dry in a suitable environment when required.

Professional canopy and awning cleaning solutions are available from many brands. 


  • Do not use any strong cleaning products on the gazebo, such as bleach. This can damage and stain the material or impact its waterproofing. 
  • Do not machine-wash the canopy.
  • Do not use any abrasive materials such as steel wool to clean the canopy, as this can cause damage, scratching and tears.