How to use Pop-up Gazebos with Tables, Chairs, Heaters and Lighting

Pop-up marquees and gazebos are a versatile and convenient option for outdoor events. But if you're spending all day in your custom pop-up gazebo, you'll want to make sure it's a comfortable place to relax - and if you want to encourage customers to join you inside, you'll want to make sure it's inviting! 

We'll look at how you can enhance your pop-up gazebo with some of the other event furniture and gazebo accessories we have available.

Pop-up Gazebo Layout

Think about the layout of your event space and how the different products will fit together. There are round tables as well as square or rectangular tables, each of which fits into a pop-up gazebo in a different way. There are also folding chairs that are easy to move and stack away, and that might be better-suited to event use than stationary and solid models.

Whatever you choose, you'll want to make sure there's enough room for guests to comfortably move around the tables within the marquee or gazebo.

You don't just have to put tables and chairs inside an instant shelter, either. Why not have them slightly outside the shelter, so the gazebo canopy still provides an element of shelter from the sun and rain, but where guests can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine? 

Gazebo Heating and Lighting

Lighting is another important factor when using pop-up marquees and gazebos. Ensuring your gazebo is well-lit will make it attractive to guests (and safe for them to use!) at night as well as in the daytime.

You can use overhead lighting or table lighting to create the effect you desire. Typically, overhead lighting is provided by lanterns and string lighting, whereas table lighting can use battery-operated devices. 

Heating is a great way to keep your gazebo comfortable. There are specially-designed gazebo heaters available that are safe for use within confined spaces, as they do not emit any fumes or create any flames.

Anchors and Weights

You should always think about gazebo anchorage whenever you are using an instant shelter, but when you're using tables and chairs, you should also consider how to keep these safe and secure in windy weather. Weights and sandbags can be used for furniture as well as for pop-up gazebos themselves. 

When you're using tables, chairs, lighting and heating with an instant shelter, marquee or canopy. you can really improve the look and feel of the structure. Consider the layout of your gazebo, plan in advance, and keep safety as a top priority, and you will be able to create a cohesive and functional event space that will be enjoyed by all. 

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