The Benefits of Pop Up Gazebos

Pop-up gazebos have many benefits. We at Oxnorth have been selling marquees and gazebos to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales for years, and to businesses in a vast array of different industries and markets, so we know how useful gazebos can be!

Check out some of the most common benefits of our pop-up gazebos below.

Pop-Up Gazebo benefits

Quick to Set Up

One of the most commonplace reasons people choose pop-up gazebos is because of their ease of set-up. With quick-release ring-pulls, lightweight aluminium frames, velcro connecting strips and a range of other simple and effective features, setting up a pop-up gazebo only takes a short period. Many of our marquees, such as our 3x3 gazebos, can quickly be set up by just one person. 

All Weather Protection

Thanks to their strong weatherproofing, our pop-up gazebos will keep you protected in all weather conditions. The can cope with the rainfall that the UK and Ireland is renowned for, and on those rare weeks when UV rays are an issue, they offer excellent protection too. If windspeeds and gusts become too high for the instant marquee to be safely used, it can be rapidly dismantled.

Mobile and Portable

Pop-up gazebos are well-suited for all those times when a permanent structure wouldn't be suitable. If you want to keep an outdoor space versatile, with a shelter in the summertime and some other activity in the cooler months, or if you want to use your gazebo for trade shows and other temporary events, then you'll want something that you can move around easily. Not only are these pop-up gazebos lightweight and quick to assemble, but they come with easy carry cases, with some options even having wheeled bags. 


Not only is the range of gazebos available exceptional, with hex-frame options, box frame marquees and more, but you can also receive full custom canopy printing services. Pop-up gazebos can have canopies printed with your branding and logos, making them a unique option that's well-suited to trade shows and other events where marketing is essential. 

If you don't require custom printing, there are plenty of different colours and styles for you to choose from, as well as options such as half-wall kits that can turn a pop-up gazebo into a comfortable retail space. 


Individuals and businesses love pop-up gazebos for all kinds of reasons, but affordability is often a very important factor. These gazebos offer you an inexpensive way to create a market stall that really speaks to your business. You can add a real touch of professionalism to your stall at a trade show or any similar event with a custom gazebo canopy that displays your logo and branding without blowing your budget!

Easy to Clean

Keeping a pop-up gazebo clean is very low-effort. A sponge or cloth and some water and dish soap is all it takes to wipe away marks and mess. Dry your gazebo before packing it away and it should stay clean and attractive for a lifetime.

The Instant Gazebo Experts

When you're with Oxnorth, you're with a company that you can trust. We're always happy to answer any questions or deal with any issues you might have, and we have a massive range of experience in marquees and instant shelters. 

You can trust in us for the best pop-up marquees and instant gazebos in the UK and Ireland! Make an order through our online shopping system today.