Can Pop-up Gazebos be set up anywhere?

Can Pop-up Gazebos be set up anywhere? 

Our pop-up gazebos are made to be as versatile as possible, which makes them ideal for use in a wide range of settings and scenarios. You can set up and erect pop-up gazebos and instant shelters indoors as well as outdoors, and on all kinds of surfaces.

If you're setting up your gazebo on grass or soil, then you can use a heavy-duty gazebo anchor kit to stake it into the ground. This will leave a hole, so you might want to use alternatives if you're on astroturf, on hard ground or indoors - in these instances, you might want to use weights and sandbags.

But whatever gazebo anchorage you use, you will also want to ensure that the intended location you intend to set up the gazebo in is clear and clean of debris. You may also want to cut the grass in preparation for the instant shelter, if possible - this will help to avoid condensation damaging the lawn. 

Please ensure you follow our instructions in regard to the weight required for your specific gazebos anchorage, and please use the correct stakes, straps and other equipment to ensure that there are no safety issues. Read the wind safety factsheet and follow the recommendations within; please clear and take down your gazebo in advance of any dangerous wind speeds.

Setting up gazebos on undulating floors and slopes

Gazebos are best-suited to flat floors. However, you can set up our gazebos and marquees on undulating floors by use of boards and planks, or artificial floors such as dance floors.

Slopes pose more of a challenge, but raised boarded flooring, raised floors, temporary dancefloors and a range of other solutions exist. These will be tailored to the surface in question. Please contact Oxnorth if you would like to discuss your issues with our expert team.