How Colour Choices Affect Pop-up Gazebos

How Colour Choices Affect Pop-Up Gazebos

You might think that the colour you choose for your pop-up gazebo isn't that important. Perhaps you think that you should simply choose a colour that is bright and that stands out. You might be opting for a gazebo to use for advertising, or at exhibitions and trade shows; in this case, bright primary colours and bold tones might be best-suited to your needs.

You might want one of our canopy shelters and pop-up marquees for catering or to shelter food. White is a particularly-popular option for catering and hospitality, evoking cleanliness and hygiene.

However, you might be expecting to do a lot of work outdoors in muddy or dirty environments, such as on grass and in fields, parks, beaches and similar areas. In this case, darker colours or black might be a good way to maintain the appearance of cleanliness in-between cleaning regimens.

Maybe you'll simply go for a colour that reflects your business' brand and identity - or you might just choose your favourite!

But the colour you choose has other impacts beyond the obvious. Darker tones are typically more effective at blocking out sunlight and heat, whereas lighter colours can make for a warmer tent. Different hues will reflect or absorb light in different ways!

So consider how your chosen colours will affect the temperature of your gazebo - you might require windows in your sidewalls, or a gazebo heater!