How to Arrange Custom Gazebo Canopy Printing

Our custom canopy printing and branding enables businesses to put their logos, colour schemes and other personal touches to our pop-up gazebos. There's no limit to what can be put on one of our gazebo canopies!

Thanks to our range of printing methods, we have different price-points to suit all budgets, plus techniques that are suitable for large batches as well as single-gazebo orders.

How do I arrange custom canopy printing?

You will want to contact Oxnorth so we can understand the scope of your printing job, such as the colours you'd like, the images you want, the sizes you want and how many versions of the canopy you require. We'll let you know which of the three printing methods - dye-sublimation, thermo press printing or screen printing - will be best-suited for your particular requirements, and will provide you with a bespoke, tailor-made quote for the job.

You can send on any images you require in digital formats to our email address, 

How long does the process take?

We aim to respond to all enquiries very quickly - almost always within one working day. Custom canopy prints are usually received within 10 to 14 days from confirmation of the final order.

Are custom prints available on all of your canopies?

Yes, we provide custom printing on all canopies, from our 3x3 gazebos to our 4x8 gazebos, and on all our standard colour schemes, as well as bespoke and unique colour schemes on request.