What is the Difference between a Gazebo and a Marquee?

At Oxnorth, we use Gazebo and Marquee almost interchangeably - all of our products are described as both gazebos and marquees. You might think that the two words are synonyms, and we certainly treat them as such.

And there's no doubt that marquees and gazebos share many similarities. Both are outdoor structures that are typically seen in gardens, and both are commonly used for hospitality, events and catering. 

But the words gazebo and marquee both have slightly different inferences.

  • A gazebo is typically thought to be a smaller structure, typically used for businesses, such as a market stall under a canopy. On the other hand, marquees are usually larger structures that can accommodate a greater number of people within them. 
  • While gazebos and marquees can both be temporary structures, a gazebo is frequently a more permanent structure, and is often made of materials such as wood and glass. These gazebos can often be built as a 'folly', i.e. primarily for decorative purposes, or can be a 'pavilion' structure that is secondary to a household or other building. Marquees almost always use canvas canopies, similar to tents and are for temporary use. 
  • Gazebos are often for private use, whereas marquees are typically for public or community use.

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