Should I choose a Pop-up Gazebo or a Regular Gazebo

If you want to entertain and shelter people in an outdoor space, then you'll want a gazebo! But do you want a temporary pop-up gazebo or a permanent structure? Oxnorth looks at the positives and drawbacks of each option. 

Regardless of whether you opt for a pop-up shelter or a permanent gazebos, you'll be able to enjoy a comfortable place to relax, and that should keep you protected from adverse weather. However, there are many things to consider when deciding which one to go for!

What is a pop-up gazebo?

Gazebos are typically permanent outdoor structures made of wood. Conversely, pop-up gazebos are temporary or semi-permanent structures that are made out of the same materials as awnings and tents. To set up a pop-up gazebo, you simply need to extend the frame and attach the awning or canopy. 

Pop-up Gazebos or Permanent Structures

The key benefit to a pop-up gazebo over a permanent structure is its flexibility and versatility - you can take it down and set it up as required. Typically, when people want a temporary or semi-permanent structure, they choose an instant shelter or pop-up gazebo. 

Pop-up gazebos:

  • Are easy to dismantle and take down, so you can change the location of the gazebo easily
  • Can be packed away in adverse weather to avoid weather damage
  • Come with full waterproof covers that can be fully customisable
  • Are very well-suited for smaller spaces
  • Are typically considerably cheaper than permanent structures.

Permanent gazebos:

  • Can have bespoke elaborate shapes and designs
  • Are well-suited for when people want attractive garden structures
  • Take many days to set up and can be near-impossible to completely remove
  • Are typically much more expensive
  • Can be more weather-resistant and more comfortable in adverse weather

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