How to Make the Most of Limited Space in a Pop-up Gazebo

Although we have some roomy pop-up gazebos for sale, we also offer some much cosier models! We have gazebos ranging from 3x3m to 4x8m, so you can find some of the smallest instant shelters that are best-suited for use as stalls, as well as larger shelters that can work as wedding marquees or hospitality spots.

If you're worried that your gazebo might feel a little cramped, don't worry! With some advanced planning and a little creativity, you should be able to make the most of limited space available within a pop-up marquee.

Read on to see how to set up and decorate a pop-up marquee when space is at a premium! 

  • Choose the right gazebo. See what space you have available and then choose a marquee that fills this space comfortably. If you're buying instant shelters for exhibitions and trade shows, then you should be able to get an idea of the floorplan of your event space before it begins. 
  • Consider vertical space, too. If the floor-to-ceiling height is not very accommodating, you may prefer box-frame rather than hex-frame gazebos.
  • Think about windows and lighting. Any interior designer will tell you that lighting - especially natural lighting - will help a space feel roomier and airier. You can position your pop-up gazebo so the windows will let in the sunlight, and you can even remove sidewalls or use half-wall kits to open the structure up even further. 
  • Use tables and chairs strategically. You don't want to overcrowd the available space with too much furniture. Folding chairs are ideal, as they can be put away when not in use. 
  • Create ambience with clever use of lights, uplights and mood lights. You could use string lighting or lanterns to make your pop-up gazebo more enticing. 
  • Only keep the essentials. Don't overcrowd your marquee with too many decorations; you can make a big impression with just a few key pieces. If you'd like to add the personal touch to the shelter, then a bespoke printed canopy is a great space-saving way to do so. 

When you're working with limited space in a pop-up gazebo, there can be a few unexpected challenges, but with a little bit of planning and creativity, it's easy to make the most of a small marquee. 

If you ever need any assistance with your pop-up marquees and gazebos, please feel free to speak with Oxnorth directly. You can also make a purchase directly through our website.