Setting Up Gazebos on Hard Surfaces

If you want to set up a marquee gazebo on hard standing or concrete, then you don't have the opportunity to stake it to the ground without leaving a big hole behind. There might be other considerations, too, depending on the area - will it be difficult to get it level, for instance? 

Our pop-up gazebos are suitable for use on all kinds of hard surfaces, such as hard-standing, concrete, car parks, wooden indoor surfaces and everything else. Read on to find out about how to set them up safely and comfortably.

Weighing and Anchoring Pop-up Gazebos on Hard Surfaces

There are many gazebo weighing and anchorage solutions available that make setting up securely on hard-standing surfaces effortless. You may have seen gazebos anchored with concrete blocks and weights, as well as more elegant and less-intrusive solutions. 

Pop-up gazebos are attached to these weights using specially-created guide ropes, which are connected to the shelter at regular intervals. This keeps it secure during adverse weather, although these marquees and canopies should still be dismantled once they surpass their wind-rating.

A popular gazebo weighting solution is water-weights. These can be filled on-site, so if you are regularly travelling around with your marquee gazebo, you won't be forced to fill your van with heavy weights - increasing your petrol bills - or carry them around long distances. You can simply fill them with water on-site.

You can also use traditional anchorage solutions for pop-up gazebos, such as through putting stakes and bolts into concrete and hard-standing surfaces. This might be best-suited to occasions where the pop-up gazebo is to be repeatedly cited at the same location.

Slopes and Uneven Surfaces

Marquees and gazebos can be set up on slopes and uneven surfaces using a flat wooden surface. This could be anything from a dance floor to a specially-designed bespoke printed canopy base. There's everything from carpets to trackways and from hardwood to semi-permeable membranes available; simply choose the one that's right for you. 

Not only does this provide you with a flat and safe floor, but it also ensures that the people under the canopy are lifted from the cold ground. This is especially appreciated during the winter or when the weather is cold.

Please ensure that you use slip-resistant flooring and consider all trip and fall hazards!

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