Pop-up Gazebo Adverse Weather Tips

The UK and Ireland are well-known internationally for having some of the most changeable weather on Earth. You can see bright sunlight and hailstones on the same day. 

But pop-up marquees are suitable year-round and in almost all weather conditions. Read on to find out more about what to do when the weather isn't ideal.

Invest in the right gazebo accessories

There are plenty of accessories you can add to your gazebo to make it more comfortable. Most of these will require access to a power supply - you might need to invest in a generator if you're planning on using your gazebo in remote outdoor locations.

In hot weather, a fan or portable air conditioning unit might be perfect. There are many clever options around nowadays that are ideal for small spaces. You can also aerate your pop-up gazebo a little through the use of windows and half-wall kits

Consider where walls and windows will be placed, and where the sun will be. Keep the sun away from windows! 

If it's raining, then you can use PVC gazebo gutters to channel the rainwater away from your gazebo roof. These gutters can also be used to attach two different pop-up gazebos together. 

You'll also appreciate the utility of gazebo flooring in the rain. You don't want to be spending a day in wet socks, so make sure you're elevated from the ground and avoid any puddles. 

In rain or cold weather, gazebo heaters are a wonderful idea. What's great about a pop-up gazebo in the cold weather is how inviting it is for passers-by - if you have a warm instant shelter in an area of high footfall, people will drop by just to get warm, giving you the chance to sell your services to them.

You can make a gazebo even more inviting during warm weather through the use of sofas and soft furnishings. There are even devices that can heat outdoor areas, such as walkways - check out our collection of patio heaters to see some.

In strong winds, ensure that you have weighed your gazebo down properly with suitable weights and anchorage. If the wind speed reaches certain levels, or if there are strong gusts, then you will need to take down the gazebo. Fortunately, pop-up gazebos are made to be fast to set up as well as take down. 

At Oxnorth, our pop-up gazebos and instant shelters are made with endurance in mind, and are well-suited to all weather conditions. They'll provide shade and UV protection under strong sunlight, offer some thermal insulation when it's cold, and keep the rainwater off you when the skies open. Order yours online today!