What Surfaces are Suitable for Gazebos?

Our pop-up gazebos are designed to be suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces. Why not use them on some of the following?

  • Grass:
    • Can be used as shade for outdoor events, picnics, camping, etc.
    • Ground pegs and anchor kits can be used to secure the gazebo to the ground.
  • Concrete:
    • Can be used for market stalls, street food vendors, etc.
    • Requires gazebo leg weights or sandbags to secure gazebo to the ground.
  • Sand:
    • Ideal for beach events, camping, etc.
    • Requires sandbags or heavy-duty ground pegs to secure gazebo to the ground.
  • Gravel or loose soil:
    • Can be used for outdoor events and camping.
    • Requires ground pegs or sandbags to secure gazebo to the ground.
  • Decking or patio:
    • Can be used for outdoor entertaining, BBQs, etc.
    • Requires weights or sandbags to secure gazebo to the decking or patio surface.

Putting Pop-up Gazebos on Challenging Surfaces

So you’ve decided on a marquee or gazebo for your event, you have the vision of how your stall, venue or garden breakout area is going to look, and you can’t wait until you can get started.

But hold on! You don't want to reach the point where you want to put your gazebo into action only to find that it is lopsided due to uneven ground, or that you don't have the equipment needed to safely anchor your gazebo.

The first thing to know is that with the right equipment as listed above, a gazebo can be happy on any surface. You may think hard surfaces like concrete might be problematic, but with simple weights specifically designed for your gazebo you’ll see that it’s very sturdy even when leaned on.

For those windier days where you may find more resistance simply secure the gazebo with guide ropes to stationary objects like fencing or posts. You’ll find that this combined with the weights offers ample security.

Weighting the gazebo down even works on sand, so our pop-up gazebos are happy at the beach, too - all we need is a nice day in the UK and Ireland and we're at the waterfront! 

Gazebos on Soft Uneven Ground

The natural place for a gazebo is on grass or on soft ground, pegged into the turf securely with either a ground sheet down or natural so people can feel the grass on their feet.

There’s nothing like the great outdoors, natural spaces are beautiful, but they come without the order of manmade spaces, so uneven ground is common.

But Oxnorth has that solved too! 

You may think that you might have to make do with a wonky shelter but Oxnorth’s intelligently designed gazebos come with legs that are easily adjustable. All four can be at different lengths, making your gazebo balanced no matter where you put it!

There are even solutions if the ground is particularly sloped to create a floor which is flat propped up underneath to make it even. That means you can place food stalls and shop stalls on wonky ground and still have a perfectly level workspace. This is of course a huge solution for gazebos used for dining and catering.

Whatever the weather, ground or occasion Oxnorth have the gazebo for you and the solution to keep it safe and secure. So browse our range and get in touch!