How Gazebos Could Kick Start Your Catering Business

In the UK, the street food catering industry has become a huge hit in recent years. Most towns and cities now boast markets where cuisines from all around the world can be bought and savoured in the great outdoors. If you're thinking of getting into this business, or you already are, then we here at Oxnorth can supply you with a fantastic quality reusable pop-up gazebo that will never let you down.

When you're preparing food for sale to the public, the shelter you're using isn't something you want to have to think about too much about. You've got enough on your mind, and so you just want something that works and is reliable. This is somewhere we definitely have you covered. While our catering gazebos can be erected in seconds, it takes a lot for the elements to knock them back down. They are shaped to be as rigid as possible and their cast alloy frame and steel brackets pack in a lot of strength while still being lightweight to carry. Because of this, you'll find that once you've firmly affixed them to the ground with pegs you have a sturdy shelter for your stock, equipment, till and staff.

We have a range of sizes available, depending on what your needs are; read our gazebo size guide for more information. Our Hex gazebo shelters are perfect for use by catering businesses like yours. The sidewalls will provide a snug enclosure from the elements for your staff, while the versatile nature of how the gazebo can be configured means you can have a serving hatch in the front and plenty of room out back for ovens, fridges or whatever else you require.

We have sizes available from 3m x 3m up to a gigantic 4m x 8m. The largest size is perfect if you want to provide tables and seating for your customers, something they're sure to appreciate if that temperamental British weather decides to make its presence felt!

Our gazebos can be erected in seconds and, once you've got the knack, they can be packed down nearly as quickly. This really takes so much of the stress out of setting your workspace up, and the highly durable materials our shelters are made from means it will be a handy and reliable servant for a long time.

We can deliver our reusable pop-up gazebos across the UK and Ireland. Once we receive your order, we'll keep you updated and our speedy delivery means your product will be with you within days. Once you have it in your hands you'll see that the quality really speaks for itself. These are premium items that really are designed for commercial use.

Plenty of outdoor caterers have bought a pop-up gazebo from us, and now they wonder how they ever survived without it. Don't put off adding one to your business any longer, simply order the size that's right for you through our website today. Our team are ready and looking forward to receiving your order.