Pop-up Gazebos for Events

Pop-up gazebos are an event favourite, and appear at all kinds of occasions. You might think that instant marquees and pop-up shelters are mainly for outdoor use, but they're frequently seen at large indoor events, in buildings such as exhibition halls, sports halls, leisure centres and even concert venues. 

Think about where your pop-up gazebo will be most frequently used to inform your choices when deciding which size pop-up gazebo to buy, as well as where to set it up. 

Is your event outdoors or indoors?

Are you going to be inside or outside all day? This will help you understand which gazebo accessories to invest in; outdoor events may require extra anchorage, lighting and even heating. Think about your specific location so you can maximise your impact - you'll want to be in a relatively high-traffic area, although you won't want to be in-the-way either. 

Pop-up Gazebos for Corporate Events

If you're using your gazebo commercially, such as for a corporate event, then you'll want to make a big impact! Pop-up gazebos for corporate events frequently use custom canopies, which feature their business' branding, logos and mottos on. You might want to incorporate other methods to get your company in people's minds, too - check out our guide for decorating pop-up gazebos at corporate events

Instant Marquees for Sports Events

You might want a pop-up gazebo for use at sports events; you might be using it as a base for your team, to shade your players when training, for fundraisers and promotions such as barbecues or fundraisers. You could even use a gazebo for retail at a sports event, such as when selling food and snacks to spectators. 

Pop-up Camping Gazebos

While our pop-up gazebos aren't intended for sleeping in, you can use them as a social hub at campsites or at similar leisure and holiday locations. These roomy marquee shelters are a cool place to relax and chat in, especially when on comfortable folding chairs or wooden trestle tables

Instant Shelters at Festivals and Concerts

From beer tents to merch stalls, festivals and concerts are a popular location for canopies and shelters - and with bands rigging and derigging every night, they want marquees and gazebos that are fast and easy to assemble and disassemble. This is why pop-up gazebos and instant shelters have become so popular for concerts, festivals and other music events!

Whatever events you need your pop-up gazebo for, you can be confident that we at Oxnorth will supply you with a sturdy, high-quality model that will help you achieve all your ambitions. We're selling gazebos all over the UK and Ireland, so get started today!