How to Keep a Gazebo Warm over Winter

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Keep your Gazebo Warm in Winter

That said, we would like to take some to let you know exactly the best way to make sure your gazebo, canopy or outdoor event is heated properly. We know how important it is that every guest feels comfortable and happy. Given the British weather and how unpredictable it can be, even in the apparent warmer months, this means it is especially important to make sure the canopy or gazebo is heated properly.

The first piece of advice we would like to share is perhaps the most important. Gazebo heaters are necessary but they must be kept in an appropriate place within the marquee, tent or gazebo. They should be placed near the entry or door. This makes sure that all the warm air will feed inside the venue. There is really no point in heating a marquee if you allow all the warm air to leave immediately. This also gives guests and clients a nice feeling of being warmed when they enter or exit the gazebo or marquee. This creates a really welcoming environment for everyone which sets the tone for the rest of the night.

A second piece of advice which is less intuitive is to use warm lighting and colours. We know how important tone and environment are when creating the correct mood and making sure everyone is well heated. This is why you should avoid using colder colours and tones (think icy blues or whites). Instead, go for colourful lights which will add a welcoming vibe to the occasion.

Finally, and maybe just as important as the first item is to make sure the hot air can't escape. Again, you have done the hard work of heating your marquee, don't let that effort go to waste by having open doors or leaving openings for the warm to escape! Fortunately this is easily avoidable by using closed gazebos.

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