Instant Shelters and Patio Heaters for Everyone

Here at Oxnorth we always want to make sure you have everything you need for your outdoor space or event. It can be so tough to predict the weather, but with our products you don't have to! We offer affordable and simple outdoor heating and instant shelter solutions for everyone, including companies, small businesses, and individuals across the UK and Ireland.

With custom canopy printing, and with such a wide range of pop-up marquees and instant gazebos available, you can really make something unique and special with Oxnorth! 

Pop-up Marquees and Patio Heaters for SMEs

If you're a small business, you can't afford to lose out on customers just because the weather isn't behaving itself. Try out our range of affordable and top-quality heaters to keep your customers warm and toasty throughout the year. We can provide you with the right patio heater for you, including mushroom style patio heaters and flame tower patio heaters.

 We love to help restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés and shops reach their potential and create a fun and professional outdoor space for any weather.

We love to sell our products to customers across the UK and Ireland. We could help you show off your brand new garden space or patio during the colder months with our range of fantastic shelter and heating options for sale. We have the right instant shelter for you, including heavy duty instant shelters and pop-up marquees depending on what you need.

Simple Instant Shelter Solutions

 Our instant shelters couldn't be easier to use! Pop them up without any tools, and then fold them back down again when you want to store them away. Buy one of our fantastic instant shelters, marquees, patio heaters, or outdoor furniture to give you simple shelter and heating solutions for any occasion.

If you own an entertainment company or you run a community centre for your local town, choose from our selection of high-quality outdoor products for sale across the UK and Ireland. Our instant shelters or outdoor furniture choices give you the option to create a fun and vibrant outdoor space whenever you need it.

We regularly sell our products to charities and big organisations, making sure they have the right shelter they need for any charity galas, outdoor parties, donation stalls and other crucial services.

Our products are fantastic for customers who need instant shelter or easy heating options, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. These pop-up marquees and instant shelters can be easily put up if bad weather hits, or you can keep them up permanently for everyone to use. They are easy to carry and manoeuvre if you need to put them up on a moment's notice, but they are also sturdy enough to stand in your garden or event space all year long.

Please contact us today to find out more about our heating, shelter and outdoor furniture options for sale across the UK and Ireland, or get in touch to buy your next essential item now. Make an order online - it couldn't be easier!