Choose the Perfect Gazebo for You

A gazebo is a must if you host regular events or if you need a permanent shelter outside your home or place of business.

You might be after a gazebo to add a bit of shelter at your next community event, or you might want to create stalls at your next charity fundraiser. We can help!

At Oxnorth, we are outdoor furniture and instant shelter experts, and we can provide you with the perfect gazebo for you, no matter what your requirements are. We sell gazebos and instant shelters for any occasion, and we have a wide range of sizes to make sure your new gazebo fits in your outdoor space, garden or event venue without any issues.

Range of Gazebos for Sale

Our Ox45mm compact 3m x 3m hex-frame gazebo is a great choice if you want a slightly smaller gazebo. This shelter is perfect if you need to transport your gazebo between different venues, or if you need a shelter that's sturdy and protective. This gazebo also comes with a wheeled cover bag, meaning you can put it away or get it out at a moment's notice.

Choose the Ox60 4m x 6m hex-frame gazebo for a slightly larger temporary or permanent shelter. This instant shelter uses only the best materials to make sure your gazebo is sturdy and safe, even in heavy rain.

We love to sell fantastic, reliable gazebos to thriving business owners who want to add a little something extra to their café, shop or restaurant. Whether you're using your gazebo year-round outside your café, or you want temporary shelter for your business launch, our gazebos will provide plenty of shelter from the elements.

Here in the UK and Ireland, we all know that you can't predict the weather, and it's essential to have an outdoor shelter option for any big events. All of our gazebos are very strong and they will keep everyone dry during showers or even heavy rain.

We pride ourselves on selling gazebos that can be put up and down without any effort! You won't need any special tools to put up your new gazebo, and our models come with quick-release pull pins for easy set up.

Your Gazebo and Marquee Experts

As trusted outdoor shelter specialists, we know exactly what you need for your business or event. We can help you to provide fantastic shelter and cover for everyone at your next event and we also sell popular outdoor heaters if you want a little something more to keep everyone warm and toasty.

Don't let the weather stop your plans! Buy a gazebo, pop-up marquee or instant shelter from Oxnorth today.

Please make an order now to find out more about our top quality gazebos for sale across the UK and Ireland, or browse our website for more information about our other reliable outdoor furniture options.

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