Buy Gazebos for All Weather with the Marquee Experts

The summer is upon us and that means we’re out and about, meeting friends and gathering outdoors. It’s truly a lovely time of year and we at Oxnorth can’t wait to soak up the sun and hear the popping of bubbles long into the night.

There’s long heady days in the park, outdoor weddings, festivals all to be attended but it’s no good if you aren’t prepared for the elements. The UK has experienced hotter and hotter summers in recent times so no wonder we are keen to be outside, but it’s always important to have shade on hand when you need it.

Sun stroke or overheating can cut a day short but going indoors time and time again can be a faff especially when there isn’t immediately somewhere to go. Oxnorth can solve that problem with our easy to set up and portable gazebos.

Mount them wherever you please, a park, a garden, the beach, then all you have to do to get out of the blaze of the sun is simply shuffle over into its shade. It’s also a brilliant place to keep food and drinks coolers for those alfresco snacks, which is part of what summer is about.

With zip up sides to keep air flowing you don’t get the greenhouse effect that you do in tents so you can happily bask in the cool breeze. They’re a great idea especially if you cater to young children who are most at risk to the sun’s effects. They’re a great place to keep the sun cream and anything else that you may want to store out of harm’s way.

Then there’s the other benefit - we all know the weather in the UK and Ireland is unpredictable so having a shelter is the perfect solution for a sudden downpour. You can keep electrical equipment safe from the rain and everyone’s new summer clothes dry, be it at a festival, garden party or just a gathering in the local park.

Once you have a gazebo you’ll be wondering how you coped without it. At Oxnorth we have a fantastic range of shelter in varying sizes, colours and styles. We also have a great range of outdoor furniture to really make it luxurious.

Then, once the sun goes down, we have patio heaters! We really are the one stop shop for spending as much time as possible outdoors and remaining comfortable. We have so so much to offer you this summer so take a browse at our site and get in touch when you find the perfect products for you.

Everything you can see on our website is available to be purchased throughout Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. From custom canopy printing to tables and chairs, our marquee and instant shelter experts do it all.

From everyone at Oxnorth, have a wonderful start of summer, don’t forget to use suncream, stay safe in the sun and enjoy yourself!