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  • Folding Chairs (10 Pack)
    black folding chair for sale

    The most popular, lightweight and robust folding chair; ideal for the event and exhibition industry and well-suited for alfresco dining and pop-up party venues. They're well-suited for use with ...

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  • Ground Bar Kit (Pair)
    marquee gazebo ground bar kit for sale

    Our ground bar kits are designed to provide greater stability to your gazebo. These are intended to keep the ground and sidewalls stable, neat and well-defined, and will i...

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  • Half Wall Kits
    Gazebo Half Wall Kit for Instant Shelters and Pop-up Canopies

    Our gazebo and marquee half wall kits enable your shelter to become a kiosk or an exhibit that you want people to see but not to touch, or if you want to demonstrate a product but need to keep p...

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  • Heavy Duty Gazebo and Marquee Anchor Kit
    Heavy Duty Instant Shelter Gazebo Anchorage Anchor Kit

    These anchor kits are designed to keep your gazebo extra-safe in more extreme conditions. Our gazebo and marquee anchor kits are built to last, and should provide you with lasti...

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  • Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater
    Interior marquee heater

    The 2-way Infrared Halogen Gazebo Heater provides heating for your gazebo - just plug in to get started. With two high-quality 800W infrared adjustable heaters (1600w total), our 240v mai...

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  • LED Lights
    LED Lights for gazebos and instant shelters

    These LED lights fit the centre pole of each of our gazebos and marquees, as well as the instant shelters and marquees offered by most other brands. The device boasts 3 high-quality, long...

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  • Mushroom Flame Patio Heater
    Mushroom Flame Patio Heater upright unlit

    Our 13kw black Mushroom Patio Heater is ideal for those summer evenings and is perfect for any large garden or commercial situation. This patio heater will give great p...

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  • Neoprene Joint Protectors
    Neoprene Protectors in gazebo and marquee corner

    Our neoprene joint protectors attach to our frames at all corner joints, connection points and the middle apex joint. They provide that little bit of extra protection to the canopy at the high s...

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  • OX39 3m x 3m Box-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x3 instant gazebo diagonal

    This cool box-frame gazebo marquee uses anodised aluminium for a sturdy and lightweight design, and strong nylon joints reinforced with carbon fibre. Protect yourself from the rain and from harm...

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  • OX45 3m x 3m Hex-frame Gazebo with Wheeled Cover Bag
    3x3m Hex-frame Instant Shelter gazebo closed

    At a comfortable 3x3m size, this hexagonal-framed heavy-duty gazebo is strong, durable and has great weatherproofing. Set up and transport this hex-frame marquee quickly and with ease, and prote...

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  • OX45 3m x 4.5m Hex-Frame Gazebo with Wheeled Cover Bag
    3x4.5m Hex-frame Pop-up Gazebo

    At a larger 3m x 4.5ms, this hexagon-framed top-quality marquee gazebo has plenty of space for you to enjoy. All of the instant shelters, pop-up gazebos and canopies we offer at Oxnorth a...

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  • OX45 3m x 6m Hex-frame Gazebo with Wheeled Cover Bag
    3x6m Hex-frame Instant Shelter Pop-up Gazebo

    This is a large hexagon-framed pop-up shelter, and at 3x6m, there's plenty of space for all sorts of purposes. But the space shouldn't compromise the structure, thanks to the aluminium fr...

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  • OX45 Compact 3m x 3m Hex-frame Gazebo with Wheeled Cover Bag
    Compact 3x3m Hex-frame Gazebo Instant Shelter

    This compact gazebo is just 3x3ms in size, with very small folded dimensions. It's quick to set up and easy to transport, but the aluminium frame and reinforced cross-bar make it sturdy a...

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  • Ox60 3m x 3m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x3m Hex-frame Gazebo Instant Shelter closed

    Buy this hex-frame gazebo from Oxnorth! Featuring a heavy-duty frame using anodised aluminium to create a sturdy and long-lasting design. Quick to set up and easy to disassemble...

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  • Ox60 3m x 3m Hex-Frame PVC Gazebo With Cover Bag
    PVC OX60 3x3 gazebo shelter rear

    The hex-frame PVC gazebo is available at Oxnorth, and you’ll soon see it’s an essential. The weighted frame means it’s sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and the material - anodised alumi...

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  • Ox60 3m x 4.5m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x4.5m Hex-frame Instant Shelter Gazebo

    This is a beautiful hex-frame gazebo, and with the Oxnorth team, you know you're getting quality when you choose us for pop-up gazebos and marquees or bespoke canopies. Best of ...

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  • Ox60 3m x 6m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    3x6m Hex-frame Pop-up Gazebo

    This is one of our larger gazebos and marquees. It uses a hexagonal frame, 550g polyester PU coating and an interior PVC coating to offer exceptional weatherproofing, and a high-quality anodised...

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  • Ox60 4m x 6m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    6x4m Hex Frame Gazebo

    This hex-frame gazebo is great for temporary or permanent shelter. Made using the most reliable and sturdy materials, this pop-up gazebo is convenient to construct, and it can provide long-lasti...

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  • Ox60 4m x 8m Hex-frame Gazebo with Cover Bag
    4x8 Gazebo Shelter

    This gazebo is sturdy, reliable and made with your convenience in mind. Including quick release pull pins and steel U brackets, this shelter combines a quick and easy set up with long-lasting sh...

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  • Plastic Foldable Trestle Tables
    Plastic Foldable Table - diagonal view

    This is a 6ft x 2ft 6in (183cm x 82cm) white HDPE plastic trestle table. Both a 1-piece and a folding table top are available, too! Our plastic foldable tables feature 100% new mater...

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  • PVC Gazebo Gutters
    PVC gutters for instant shelters and gazebos

    Our specially-designed gutters join multiple gazebos together to create modular structures, by joining multiple structures together to make a shelter of your desired size, although as they're gu...

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  • Sandbags
    Sand bags in use for gazebo

    An easy-to-store solution for keeping gazebos and marquees secure, our sandbag weights come in sets of 4 or 6, and are easily strapped to the legs of any instant shelter, gazebo...

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  • Weights
    12kg gazebo and instant shelter weight used for securing canopy

    Our instant shelter and gazebo anchor weights are sold in pairs (12.5kgs each). They are designed to perfectly fit around the legs of all of our gazebos, marquees and instant shelters They are a...

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  • Wooden Round Table

    Featuring 19.5mm thick gloss-varnished (6 coats) plywood tops, with a rubber edging and folding metal legs that allow for easy storage, our wood roun...

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